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Primary services


  • assembly, disassembly of machinery, machinery and components
  • assembly, disassembly of structural parts and steel structures, racks
  • complete mechanical work from installation of machines, conveyors and equipment to subsequent assembly of troughs for electric cables to the actual wiring of sensors, control panels, robots and distribution boxes according to technical documentation in accordance with valid legislation
  • assembly and disassembly work for the maintenance of technological equipment
  • assembly of machine parts, machine subgroups, gearboxes, sliding mechanisms, air distribution and hydraulic systems on machines
  • assembly of assembly lines
  • threading, drilling, reaming, scraping, flushing, etc.
  • work on forklifts, overhead cranes, lifting platforms


  • electrical installation work for equipment up to and above 1000 V
  • wiring, assembly and installation of switchboards, cable routes, distribution boxes
  • operation of electro-mechanical equipment
  • cabling, grooving, dismantling of old cabling
  • assembly of electrical components and equipment
  • ability to read relevant documentation
  • complete electrical installation work from the installation of troughs and routes, laying cables, installation of lighting and fire alarm systems, switching switches and sockets to switchboards according to planned documentation and customer requirements
  • setup of lines and measuring systems
  • installation work in the field of security technology, construction services and low-voltage systems
  • various electrical work on construction sites, industrial electricity
  • complete wiring of apartments, family houses, commercial premises, office buildings, industrial buildings and various buildings ...

Pipe fitters

  • preparation for welding process on high-pressure gas pipelines, piping parts and fittings, on fittings, on sheet metal structures, rods and profiles
  • operation, installation and repair of dedicated technical equipment, pressure and gas
  • inspection, maintenance and repair of selected equipment (low-current, hydraulic, pneumatic) measuring and control technology in the working group
  • processing the record of the inspection result in the operating documentation and the information system
  • disassembly and assembly of shut-off valves, other and auxiliary piping systems


  • Welding work according to a precise technological process
  • Compliance with welding standards
  • type of welding work depending on isometry requirements and design drawings
  • working with tools - grinding, bending, cutting

Secondary services

Painting and varnishing services - Services - Zvar, s.r.o. | Worldwide Industrial Services and Personal Agency

Painting and varnishing services

  • inspection of the surface, cleaning and, if necessary, leveling of the surface with standard practice
  • paper-hanging
  • thermal insulation of facades, painting and varnishing, painting
  • painting the facades with a roller
  • work with high-pressure and low-pressure equipment, spray gun and tank gun
  • thinning of polyurethane, acrylic and nitrocellulose lacquers, water-based stains according to technical data sheets
  • spraying of isothermal containers
  • performing and repairing paints on various substrates by all kinds of materials
Construction work - Services - Zvar, s.r.o. | Worldwide Industrial Services and Personal Agency

Construction work

  • construction preparation management
  • laying of tiles
  • laying curbs
  • masonry, plasterboard, assembly of facade thermal insulation systems, carpentry and roofing
  • concrete work, demolition work
  • installation of ceilings, lintels, rendering plasters
  • preparatory work for building construction
  • implementation of buildings and their changes
  • finishing works for the implementation of exteriors and interiors
Intermediary activities in the field of business - Services - Zvar, s.r.o. | Worldwide Industrial Services and Personal Agency

Intermediary activities in the field of business

  • rental of cars and other movables
  • rental of residential and warehouse space
  • services related to computer-processed data
  • administrative services
  • moving services
  • activities of business, organizational and economic consultants
  • the operation of sports facilities

At the same time, we are able to mediate any working qualified team not only in engineering and construction, but also in any other as needed, as we have a wide database of different professions and professions.

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